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Charles B. W. Boyle

Our founder, Charles B. W. Boyle, set up the firm in his name in 1929 at 68 Middle Abbey Street, in the heart of Dublin city centre.  The firm operated continuously from there until 1987, when it moved two doors down the street to our present location of 70 Middle Abbey Street.

Charles had a long and distinguished career as a Solicitor.  He acted in a number of historic cases, including representing the workers in the “Lockout” case in 1913, which was hotly contested and was finally decided in the House of Lords in London.  He also represented Nurse Cadden in the famous State v. Cadden case in 1938.

Charles served as Auditor of the Solicitors’ Apprentices Debating Society of Ireland (SADSI) in 1909/10 and prior to that, won the Gold Medal for Composition from SADSI in 1908.  We are proud to display the century-old Certificates for these accolades in our offices.

Cyril Boyle

Cyril A. Boyle joined his father, Charles B. W. Boyle, in the firm in 1937 and worked there until the outbreak of World War II, when Cyril went to serve with the Allies in Egypt, Burma and India.  After India gained independence in 1948, he returned home to practise law in the family firm.  He became a very well-known and respected Solicitor around Dublin, and the firm’s connection with the workers and Big Jim Larkin continued as he was retained as Solicitor for the Workers Union of Ireland, one of the two major trade unions of the time, which, through various mergers, subsequently became SIPTU (for which the firm still acts).  Cyril practised as a Solicitor until his death in 1987.

Peter J. Boyle, Cyril’s son, joined the family firm in 1978 and has been Principal of the firm since 1987.  More information about Peter.

Charles B. W. Boyle’s great-granddaughter, Melanie Boyle, practised as a Solicitor at the firm from 2011 to 2018.  She now works as a specialist Litigation solicitor at a well-regarded mid-tier firm, which has had an amicable relationship with the firm since her great-grandfather’s time.