Our Services

Debt Collection

We offer very competitive debt collection rates and have an excellent track record in achieving results for our clients.  We recognise that it is crucial to act swiftly and decisively when it comes to recovering debts, particularly in the current economic climate, and we advise our clients as to the most effective way to recover debts, while taking account of the commercial realities.

We deliver a fast, efficient debt collection service to clients ranging from private individuals to large companies with turnovers of €100 million, and in fields as varied as professional services, schools, waste collection, building contractors and private investors.

Our debt collection services include:

  • Formal Demand Letters
  • Issuing and Serving Court Proceedings
  • Obtaining Judgment against the Debtor
    • by appearing in Court if the matter is defended; or
    • by getting Judgment in the Courts Office where undefended
  • Enforcement of Judgments
    • Lodgement of the Judgment with the Sheriff to seize goods to satisfy the Judgment
    • Registration of the Judgment in the various Trade Gazettes
    • Obtaining an Instalment Order to direct the Debtor to pay the debt by fixed instalments
    • Obtaining a Committal Order, if the Debtor fails to comply with the terms of an Instalment Order
    • Registering a Judgment Mortgage, i.e. registering the Judgment as a mortgage against a property owned by the Debtor
    • Obtaining an Order for Sale on foot of a Judgment Mortgage
    • Examination of Company Directors
    • Liquidation of Companies
    • Bankruptcy of Individuals
  • Registration of Foreign Judgments: we can apply to have judgments deemed valid in Ireland where they were obtained outside Ireland but within the EU, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland or Norway

Please contact us at +353 1 8731588 or office@boylesolicitors.ie to discuss how we can help you with your debt collection matters.