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Other Practice Areas

We also advise on other areas that are of particular interest or concern to our clients.  Examples of other non-mainstream practice areas we have advised on recently include:

  • Competition Law
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Property and Financial Disputes
  • Medical Services Law
  • European Law
  • Data Protection Law

In addition to our own comprehensive advice on non-mainstream areas, we also have access to specialist Counsel (barristers) on behalf of clients.  Thanks to the open nature of the Irish legal system, any individual can, through their solicitor, have access to the best and most specialised barristers who are experts in their field.  Having been established in Dublin for over 80 years, we are well-placed to advise on suitable Counsel and to approach them on a client’s behalf to obtain an Opinion on very specialised, technical legal queries.

Please contact us at +353 1 8731588 or office@boylesolicitors.ie to discuss how we can help you with your query.